AUDIO: Johnson on Kobe vs. LeBron

Reggie Johnson Comments on Kobe-LeBron Debate

CORAL GABLES, Fla. -- Miami Hurricanes center Reggie Johnson weighs in on the Kobe Bryant-LeBron James debate and recalled when he told James his opinion during a pick-up game.

The conversation with the media begins a day after James and teammate Dwyane Wade teamed up for an off-the-backboard dunk in which Wade gave credit to UM for the idea after Wade and James sat court side and saw UM accomplish the dunk against North Carolina. Johnson was asked his reaction and proceeded to talk about two of the NBA's greatest players.

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  • just like no one will ever be better than Pele in soccer,.. see Messi. it will happen, believe it.

    the major factor in this is becomes the new generations of fans. people tend to support the people they watch or watched. kids growing up these days have now concept of how good Jordan was, they only know what they have been told.
    Jordan will become like Babe Ruth, a legend someone that the new generation has never seen play and therefore wont argue for. similar can be said for those in their 30's when trying to compare Jordan to Bill Russell

    Carter and sometimes Bill Baskin

  • What makes Kobe team seem more superior is the fact that they won. It's not like Cleveland never made it to the finals during the LeBron era. Having said that I am a diehard fan of both Kobe & LeBron, but in a situation / post like this I hate it when u discredit one in order to praise the other.

  • True at every word in your post, I'm a Jordan guy I didn't even like b-ball until him, wouldn't even watch it. Until I saw him dunk on someone one nigh, it was him and 9 other random dudes on the court (it seemed). Russell obviously was one of the most dominat players ever, but without seeing him play I can't gauge the two... As for Kobe he is a carbon copy of MJ. Lebron is a OLB'ER (Aldon Smith) playing ball, gifted all around...but to me MJ is special (as you pointed out)

  • i hardly discredited Kobe, but the fact still remains that he had much more talented teams when he won his titles then lebron did in cleveland. did any of the guys he played with in Ohio gain individual recognition like the guys kobe played with? no.

    if you can tell me that zadrunous ilgouskous (spelling) was as talented as shaq or bynum/odom/Gasoul your out your damn mind and i have lost any/all respect for you as a sports fan. tell me what player lebron played with in cleveland that was better than any starter for the lakers. West?

    Lebron is now playing with talent around him on par to what Kobe has played with for the majority of his career. and while you might point out Dwade and Bosh are super stars, lets not forget that super star or not, Having a Shaq or 3 7' big men on your team catapults your team to a different caliber. look at the difference a dwade + Shaq team compared to a dwade and non-shaq team.

    Carter and sometimes Bill Baskin

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