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  • Alright 2 things. I've been keeping this in for a while. We as a team have been bad for a while, have disappointed us way more than impressed us. I still look back at that damn ass whooping LSU gave us, I was soooo emberrassed. We've had good teams always with great expectations and I'll be honest, this is the first year I've ever not had good expectations cus quite frankly we weren't that freaking great, I don't care how good a player is in the spring, at camp, in the weight room, a game is soo much different. And we only have so many players that are good in the actual games. It takes all 11 on each side to be good. Anyways I just wanna say I think we're lucky to have golden because as shitty as the last two seasons were have been the funnest in my opinion. Seeing Denzel ball out the last two seasons as an underclassmen, EJ come out of nowhere and be such an impact player, and watching deon bush fill the hole like its supposed to be filled has brought a lot of pride to me. All 3 of those players have only been under coach D and they're our 3 best defensive players. Can you imagine what kind of players this defense is going to have in two years. I think we may have 11 good players on the field on both sides of the ball and 2nd the damn NCAA isn't helping one bit. I know all of you are aware of how much easier things would be if all that was behind us and I never hear them complain about that, I instead see us pull some stud players consistently. If there isn't a little optimism from the fan base then we are setting ourselves up for disappointment. A team needs it's fan bases support no matter what. Only one team can win every year. One team, and we've only done it 5 times in like almost thirty years with great not good teams. Now although my expectations will be a lot higher next year than they were this year because of how good Stephen Morris has gotten I do think we need Alex Collins in this class in order to be great or another back to split the load with duke. I would be ok with a 2 or 3 loss season if that 3rd loss was in a bcs bowl. I just know that as long as we keep this staff we'll be fine moving forward. Go canes

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  • I will make this agreement on the condition that all of you that are already calling for his head actually make football arguments for what you'd like him to do differently. The root of the problem is the personnel on the defensive line and that's the end of it.

    "Blitz More" = leaving your freshman secondary on an island and having it be an 80 yard pitch and catch drill

    "Play more man coverage" = and have your inexperienced (and overconfident) freshman corners getting burned deep and your lack of pass rush allowing the QB to have all day to throw

    "Get a better pass rush" = front 4 not getting it done so it requires blitzing more, thus leaving inexperienced secondary exposed

    "Have safeties play more run support" = and leave your inexperienced corners exposed

    "stop playing soft zone coverage" = giving up big plays and getting down early instead of forcing other team to chip away at you and possibly generate turnovers off them during those plays.

    I will readily admit that this was not the ideal scheme this season - but I assure you that it isn't the defense that Coach D wants to be running either! But the focus was to allow Miami to stay in games by forcing the other team to chip away at them and not give up giant plays. This is how you scheme when you have a poor defensive line and an inexperienced secondary. Any other way to scheme it means giving up big plays and we all know how important Golden feels about "X Plays".

    We all know it sucks to watch a Miami defense this bad, especially considering Miami's defensive history - but when you remove emotion and anger there are logical football reasons for why they schemed the defense the way they did this year and it was based on a realistic analysis of the personnel that they had.

  • So in actuality, it was good game planning by Coach D and he did really win games for us?