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  • Well it's looking like Golden is gonna have to use some of that magic after the season he showed when he got here and basically saved the recruit class. Seems alot of recruits that we thought were pretty much locks are looking and going elsewhere. It looks like we are gonna have to wait til after the season when Golden can 100% concentrate on recruits and flip a few back our way . We know he can , he proved it last class but, he also sais that UM would never be in that posistion again as long as he's there. And that was proving true until NS so, right now Golden is gonna let the play do the talking and if there is 1-2 that he really wants , he will go after him with everything. He has had to deal with all kinds of shi-t lately so it's probably taken some of his time to show some of these guys some love. We'll just have to keep winning and when it's time he'll come back like a wil man. Just pisses me off when I hear a recruit commit that we wanted , especially to FSU-UF. I just wish some crap would come out in FSU land to slow that DL commiting. We could use some of those. But, like I said when Golden can put all his energy back into the recruits , I won't be supprised if he flips a couple. I hope so or the ones we want just go ahead and commit. We need 1 big timmer right now to get the ball rolling again.

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  • What recruit has gone else where??? Cuz I see we still have 25 recruits..

  • I'm not talking about commits , I was talking targets and to answer that question 1 TODAT -COOPER

  • like i said months ago. it looks like AG wanted to fill up the majority of his class early with quality guys and basically save one spot per position for any "stud" that he could convince later in the year. personally i think it was a smart move but time will only tell. granted with the whole Yahoo crap theres no telling what would of happened in this time otherwise. this is just my view, he wasn't going to fill the whole class up with the top 30+ kids in the country. only about 3 teams a year get to 10+ espn top 150. with 4 or 5 of those guys already in the class and 10 or so spots left and him seemingly being picky, i feel there is room for optimism assuming the NCAA doesn't go crazy in the investigation.

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  • CANEIACX5 said... (original post)

    I'm not talking about commits , I was talking targets and to answer that question 1 TODAT -COOPER

    ONce waters committed this guy put his tail in between his legs like a stray dog buddy and he had his offer before waters got his and didnt jump on board.. Golden isn't playing dat recruiting game.. He's filling the class quick and with kids that wanna be hurricanes. And then leaves a cpl ships for kids that are waiting it out and are str8 ballas Howard, diggs, goldman..

  • Don't get me wrong NATION, I'm happy with this class and I pray we are able to keep them all.But, ya'll know that we still have pos. of needs that I was hoping for a couple of studs and I also believe if NS don't happen, we've already got them.Goldman still has us on his short list but, according to everything after his visit to FSU, HELL even his DAD sounds like he wants to commit. We really don't have a home game left of the magnitudeof the OSU game, we play VT and FSU away but the USF game is a home game and if they are unbeaten,. That would be a good game to get some of those late ones. According to DIGGS, we're going to be his last visit and that gives us a hell of an close him . That game should be rocking too, we do need another good DT , and maybe 2 OL'S . Might have to go JUCO on the DT B ut, there is a couple quality ones in juco, I've read about the JUCO class of this yr and it is supposed to be one of the strongest across the board in recent yrs. But, I have faith in Golden and we know he can be relentless when his back is against the wall. Just got to believe that we had so much momentum when that story broke and it's kind of hard to tell these kids that it was an irresponoible writer that put a story out of that magnitude with only one objective and that was to kill anything the CANES were doing and it worked for the time. But, as long as we keep win ning , that tends to forgive sins that MIGHT have happened. The NCAA is gonna drag their feet but, I have read on another site for members only that more and more the punishment if any is gonna be not anything to the magnitude when the story broke and we felt like our best friend just died so, we just need to pile up these wins and if Golden has to kick it back in , in flip mode well, WE KNOW HE CAN DO IT.But , I do hope we get a couplemore of pos. of needs at the DT & OL, those would be big.Seems NACHO's stock is rising and he has an offer from wisc, and WISC. yr in yr out put out some of the best OL's in college . So, with that offer we know he has to have alot of upside so that's 1 that's right here that would be a MARLIN catch, {A BIG ONE }, .And there is more every game with their stock rising also in our yard. So, I do expect us to get another 2-3 big ones just NEED THEM WINS.

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