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1 Defense from the Canes, Noles & Gators

  • Last week almost 300 people voted on the offensive starters.

    Time to focus on defense and special teams.

    The idea is: If you could make one defense from the Noles, Gators and Canes, who would be your starters. Select the player at each position that should be the starter in September.

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  • Stopped the voting at midnight. 330 people voted. Here are the results:
    74% of the vote came from Noles fans, 13% Gators, 12% Canes, 2% unknown

    LDE – Brandon Jenkins - 83%
    DT – Marcus Forston – 47%
    NG – Anthony McCloud – 53%
    RDE – Bjorn Werner – 50%
    WILL – Niguel Bradham – 56%
    MIKE – Jon Bostic – 62%
    SAM – Christian Jones – 78%
    CB – Xavier Rhodes – 93%
    CB – Greg Reid – 92%
    SS – Ray Ray Armstrong – 54%
    FS – Vaughn Telemaue – 56%
    P – Shawn Powell – 85%
    K – Dustin Hopkins – 85%
    PR – Greg Reid – 85%
    KR – Greg Reid – 42%

    Obviously, some of the closer votes would’ve went another way had there been more Gators & Canes participation. There were some position battles that all fan bases pretty much agreed on.

    Thanks to all who took the time to vote.

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  • I'm actually surpirsed and quite happy people voted for who they THOUGHT was best...Not just completely biased for their team.

    I would actually agree with most of the article...But I really wish Spence was in there as the best.

  • NoVaNoles

    Here would be my defense

    LE - Ronald Powell
    DT - Shariff Floyd
    DT - Marcus Fortson
    RE - Brandon Jenkins
    OLB - Sean Spence
    MLB - Nigel Bradham
    OLB - Jelani Jenkins
    CB - Xavier Rhodes
    CB - Greg Reid ( would have been Janoris Jenkins )
    FS - Ray Ray Armstrong
    SS - Matt Elam

    K - Dustin Hopkins
    P - Sean Powell
    KR - Lamar Miller/Andre Debose
    PR - Greg Reid

    ? at 70% of Noles picking Jones over Spence, Jones might be better down the road but you don't take a first year starter over Sean Spence, you just don't do it.

    You can tell that team was picked by mostly Noles, and mostly Noles who haven't a freaking clue.

    It was a toss up between Vaughn and Elam.

    This would be my offense for fun

    QB - EJ Manuel
    RB - Lamar Miller
    FB - Lonnie Pryor
    WR - Travis Benjamin
    WR - Andre Debose
    WR - Willie Haulstead ( this is the worst year for WR's at the Big 3 I can ever remember )
    TE - Jordan Reed ( I guess, we all suck at TE as well it seems.... might actually take Nick O )
    OT - Seantrel Henderson/Chaz Green ( hard to decide since Seantrel isn't starting as of now )
    OT - Andrew Datko
    OG - Brandon Linder
    OG - Brandon Washington
    C - Jacob Fahrenkrug

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    fsufsu said... I've got about 10 great stories on Lane but all you need to know is he will never be a loser, that's for sure.